"Just have fun"

17 Sep 2013 #warbling

Sometimes you get advice and you think to yourself "Ok, I guess thats cool." In the moment you may not be ready to understand or appreciate the advice, this does not diminish its wisdom however.

One such example came before wrestling matches. Regardless if the match was vital or not, my Dad would always say "Kevin, just go out there and have fun."

Lets back up a few paces. There is nothing easy, subtle, nice, or fun in regard to wrestling matches. Maybe if you achieve a certain level of skill where wrestling is an art, then you can have fun. At that point you are just expressing yourself on the mat (or some other medium). All other times it is stressful, grueling, painful, and taxing.

Why in the world would you give someone the advice of "Just have fun" with something that was so demanding and hard?

The advice goes deeper than it sounds. When you think, "Whatever, I am just going to enjoy this," your entire attitude towards the event shifts. You stop taking things so seriously, you take a step back from the action and look at the big picture. Life is too short to let yourself get so emotionally invested in small things such as wrestling matches

Go through with it and remain unattached, just enjoy being in the moment. That moment, along with the emotions tied to the moment, will last a fraction of a second in the grand scheme of your life. Letting stress hamper you leading up to that moment is completely avoidable if you just have fun with it.

The mind is your tool to play with, we should never let the reverse happen. Tell yourself something hard is fun and make it so. Public speaking, singing, homework, cooking, whatever, make it fun. Practice controlling your mind in this way and bigger things become easier to deal with.

(Yes, this is me telling myself to have fun with the CVjs meetup I am talking at tomorrow...)